Welcome to Missing Support ... the support group for the rest of us

Do you know people that seem very smart but just can't come in out of the rain? Ever do something pretty stupid yourself and look around to make sure that no one saw you? Us too.

The goal of Missing Support is to recognize that no one is perfect but we can still find humor in the collective failures of us all.


If there was only an award created for these unfortunate souls

While the original Darwin Awards were given to honor individuals who met their demise doing something very foolish, our Missing Support award is not quite that macabre. Our focus is on the humorous side of life. Sometimes we just do things that are funny. But of course, funny is in the eye of the beholder.

The great news is that you now have a virtual support group (no meetings required) that helps us all celebrate watching people just make poor, but entertaining, decisions. And don't forget, we need to share those moments with EVERYONE WE KNOW.

So go to our social media sites and post everything that you can find. Also, don't forget to go to The Miracle Bay online store to buy yourself some swag to show your proud membership in Missing Support!


There must always be Cool to balance the Edgy

If we only had a support group that spent time pointing out other people's failures, we would seem pretty selfish. Missing Support is so much more because it is one part of a COMPLETE virtual world, The Miracle Bay!

As you read about The Miracle Bay and each of the fictional locations, organizations, and businesses, you will find that we have a lot going on. Come visit with our characters in the paradise setting of Miracle Bay.

Whether you become a Fightin' Licker alumni of our Boot Hill College or signup for some cosplay as your favorite pirate at Cursed Booty Island, there is something "cool" for you in The Miracle Bay to balance out all of that "edgy" you keep sharing with us online.


Missing Support has plenty of room for the children

In our Missing Support group, the children are definitely are our future. They keep us entertained and always on our toes. To help celebrate their joy, we have special characters, offerings and programs just for them.

With our Sea Kreatures, we have lovable characters like Sheila the Octopus and Crazy J the Hermit Crab. And then there are the Gnomies. Who doesn't love a cuddly gnome?

In The Miracle Bay online store, we offer many different t-shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt options for adults. But we didn't want to leave out the kids so we have a large line of infant, toddler and youth options as well.

With our Missing Loot program, we offer a full-service, no touch fundraising opportunity for schools, sports programs and clubs. It's never been easier to help the children of the world.


Don't wait to join the support group that you always wished had existed ... because now it does!

There is plenty of room in Missing Support for everyone. No matter the age, we have something to appeal to you.

If your sense of humor matches ours, JOIN!

If you just want to "help the helpless", JOIN!

If you want to do your part to make the world just a little bit better, JOIN!

You'll be glad that you did!